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Money Calendar 5.1

A utility for keeping track of your household budget
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Money Calendar is a utility created for users who require a simple and efficient way to manage their household budget details. This program helps you keep track of your expenses and income information, provides you with detailed statistics based on the stored details, allows you to create shopping lists, and so much more.

The application features a wide range of categories for organizing your expenses, income, and transfers details. You can add recurring payments, such as bills or monthly salary, choose the origin account (Cash or Bank), attach notes to your expenses, etc. All of the transactions will be then displayed in the calendar based on the date selections you made. The calendar view is an important and useful feature as it lets you see exactly when you spent or received a specific sum.

Furthermore, Money Calendar comes with an integrated calculator which comes in handy when determining your total cost or income per day, week or year. You can also use the built-in search tool to immediately locate the transaction info you need.

Other advantages include its support for multiple currencies, the ability to set a master password, print and export options, etc.

Only two aspects bothered me about this utility: it supports only two formats when importing data (CSV and QIF) and lets you export the stored information to only one output format (QIF).

Still, considering the fact that most personal accounting tools provide you with less-intuitive interfaces and offer you a smaller amount of instructions or useful features, I'd say Money Calendar might prove to be a smart solution for monitoring your household budget.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Comes with a built-in calculator
  • Allows you to create shopping lists
  • Brings you a search tool
  • You can create a master password
  • Supports multiple currencies


  • Supports only one format when exporting the stored data (QIF)
  • Lets you import only 2 types of files (CSV and QIF)
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